The high school experience has always contributed a great deal in shaping people into what they become in society. This happens from the connections we create, to the friendships we make and even the lovers we meet. When we join form one, we are normally meek and give into everything the older students say. The form fours are always happy to see form ones. This is because of the plans they have in store for them. The amount of exploitation that took place in high school was unimaginable. Some of these things that took place happened so fast that the teachers never got copy of what was going on.

One never realized they were being duped until it is too late. The tactics used were never forced onto the form one students, it was just a clever means of getting money out of them. At times it was not just the form ones but also other students.

If you have never fallen prey to some of these con men in high school then luck is on your side. Let me take you through some of these  con methods that were used:

Pocket money captain

This was one of the first experiences that hit you hard immediately you joined high school. Within the first week of admission, the Form Fours summon all the Form Ones sleeping in a particular dorm for a meeting; preferably after preps. Then they intimidate them ‘to let them know who is in-charge’. Phrases like ‘kiss the wall’, ‘hug the wall’ or ‘fly’ are usually predominant. After the long intimidation session, the Form Ones are introduced to their ‘captain’ – the ‘Pocket Money Captain’.

The captain would then introduce the new policies to be executed with immediate effect. The key one being to give out your pocket money to him to keep it for you. In short, he becomes your ‘bank’. If you want to buy anything, you approach the ‘bank’ and request to withdraw some funds. You are also warned about the consequences of not submitting your pocket money. Out of fear, you surrender it all never to see the captain again. Or even remember his face.

House Fund

Talk of double tragedy! Still recovering from the biggest shock of your life – after being defrauded all your pocket money – you now meet the actual authority, the house committee. This is when you are introduced to the actual policies of your dormitory. The activities, your obligations and above all, the contributions that you have to make for the betterment of the house. You are taught the importance of being patriotic to your house and always holding its banner high up in your studies, extra-curricular activities and in inter-house competitions.

But to do this, you must contribute to the finances of the house. This fund goes into purchasing cleaning equipment, refreshments during competitions and organizing ‘the house bash’.  To do this, one had to contribute house finances. This fund went into purchasing cleaning equipment, refreshments during competitions and organizing ‘the house bash’. At the end of the term one still paid for this bash.This was the most unbelievable scam that I only believed when I became a prefect in Form Four.

That’s when realized that the school provided for some of these equipment. The house committees used to leverage on costs that were being covered by the school to extort money from other students. This vice thrived due to the secrecy that existed among committee members.

Fake Trips/Funkiez

Now you are just settling in and starting to understand the different tactics of survival in high school.You now know the value of funkiez, and you are starting to pursue social interaction with students from other schools.  You are still a newbie, so you are The biggest money scams in high schools not in the first teams or among the popular students who get automatic call-ups to Funkiez. Therefore, you must find a tactic of getting yourself into the Funkiez lists. Easiest way? Be among the first ones to pay for the funkie! Here, prefects exploit the thirst for Funkiez by coming up with fake events. They would go round collecting money for the so-called funkie fees, which usually guarantees a slot in the list. Afterwards, they come back with lame excuses, like the funkie was cancelled or the money got stolen.

At this point, you get the shock of your life when you realise that you have once again fallen victim to yet another scam.


Fake Death Contributions

This is one of those scams that you would least expect to fall a victim to. It involves an articulate planning of events that seek to exploit people’s emotions and kindness. A group of influential students will sit down and craft a scheme, where they feign death that the contribution forms and walk from class to class seeking help from sympathizers. One would then come back a few days later claiming that he attended the burial ceremony. You help him mourn and condole with him, not knowing that this was just another scam.

Caution Money

This is the BIGGEST legal scam in almost all high schools! When you are paying fees, the school always demands that you pay a certain fee dubbed caution money. This fee is usually paid as a deposit for good conduct, as an emergency fund for any unprecedented disaster or for any damage caused by the student. It’s paid in the promise that in case it’s not put into use, the students would be refunded. But how many of you remember ever being refunded this money? It’s a scam, guys!

The funny thing with these scams is one never even realized they were happening until they actually took place. I can never assure you that the scams are going to end. New ways are coming up so beware and we as the Insyder are here to keep you updated. to get these scams and more interesting topics, read the Insyder magazine in the Sunday Standard each and every week.