Well allow me to be the first to introduce you to BMW’s latest and probably greatest invention ever, the BMW i8 which I must say is superb in every essence of the word.

From its design, equipment and technology, this car is simply amazing and is predicted to “revolutionize and reinvent urban mobility.”

BMW i8 whiteFirst, the car has a 231 – horsepower turbocharged engine of 1.5 litres capacity with three cylinders at the back end and an electric 131 – horsepower electric motor mounted on the front wheels.

Through a six-speed automatic transmission, power is sent from the engine to the back wheels and through another two – stage gearbox the electric motor manages to spin the front wheels. This takes power and speed to a whole different level and to prove it, the vehicle boasts of a top speed of 155 miles per hour and can speed off from zero to 62 miles per hour in just 4.4 seconds. Now is that hot or what?

bmw-i8-front-left-viewNow apart from the eco-friendly gas burning engine, the BMW i8 is fitted with a battery pack that can have the car running for 22 miles on nothing but electricity only. Yes, electricity only, and if that’s not enough these batteries are rechargeable and only require 3.5 hours of charge.
The vehicle’s design is something else that’s out of this world.

The car is 185 inches long, 77 inches wide and 51 inches tall. It has LED lighting on both ends, scissor doors that open up like a bird’s flapping wings and to add icing on the cake, the vehicle comes equipped with alloy wheels.

BMW i8 sideWith a 360 degrees camera system, the vehicle guarantees zero collision and gives warnings of collisions which come with automated braking to avoid any sorts of collision. Safety is also guaranteed as the BMW i8 vehicle is fitted with dual Front, Side and Curtain airbags. Now you don’t find all this in just any vehicle.

The BMW i8 is the car of the future and as a plus, those who can afford this masterpiece can order a matching set of tailor – made Luis Vuitton luggage.

By Kevin Kibera