Lemme temporarily switch up from referring to y’all as pups.

Greetings, young men of honor!

I know I know, it has been a while; but this fine young man with an old man mind has been busy finding time for all these ladies desired by the whole mankind. Yes, contrary to what you thought, even a Don needs to make time for some things too; but only the things he loves.

Anyway, once again, I have words with you guys. Stern words.

You pups (yes, we’re back at it) have the right intentions but you keep doing it wrong. I appreciate the effort you put in in order to get the ladies; after all, without the effort, mwanaume ni nini? However, you guys are putting in the wrong kind of effort; you are directing your energies into doing things that are unproductive. Work ethic without productivity amounts to nothing, and you guys know that right? Right. So if you know that, why is it that you guys are all up in the ladies’ personal spaces with your advances, leaving no room for your own self respect and dignity?

I have taught you guys a lot of things, but this is just one of those things; without good body language, everything else I have taught you is redundant. It amounts to nothing. Put yourself in the shoes of the lady you desire and think for a while; if she was to be approached at a social event, what nature of approach would she prefer? Think of her sitting alone, sipping her soda while scrolling through her phone, (this is the ultimate lay up for a ‘Mr steal your girl’ kind of guy to pounce; real brothers are aware that a girl scrolling through her phone does not necessarily imply that she doesn’t want to be bothered.) how would she prefer a guy to approach her?

I’ll summarize that in three words: DON’T PORTRAY NEEDINESS.

Don’t be this guy:


I’ll give y’all an example.

Suppose you land the chance to converse with your dream girl; what kinds of vibes can your body send that show you are not needy? Well for starters, you can avoid talking to her with your whole body. Let’s say you two were facing each other while talking, and for some reason she happens to move to stand beside you; the last thing you want to do is to turn your whole body towards her and continue your conversation. This is an ultimate show of neediness, and once she detects even the slightest hint of that you’re done for; you will lose the only thing that you went into the seduction wielding, and that is all the power at your disposal. Once you lose that power all you will have left is your words, and I may have mentioned a thing or two about not depending on your words in my last post. Just turn your head to face her, and maintain eye contact; don’t overdo it though, if you have to turn your body then do it; but ultimately follow this one rule with reason.

That is very essential; the rest are things that you have heard plenty of times before. Always maintain a relaxed stance; maintain your eye contact; be genuinely intrigued by what she is saying and make it show; and always appear cheerful. Don’t smile all the time, the main intention is not to creep her out; but you’re halfway attractive once you appear cheerful. The rest has to do with what I’ve told you about body language and words; follow this and your fortunes could change to this guy’s:

confident guy

Read this, meditate on it, preach it to your fellow brothers and most importantly, practice what you preach!