On our Magazine January this year, we focused on ‘Back To School’ issues and one of them was bullying. We interviewed students who told us they have never experienced any form of bullying, not even when they stepped into the schools in form one.

One of the biggest news right now is the resignation of the Principal of Alliance High School Mr. David Kariuki over bullying allegations leveled against the school’s prefects by form one students.

  The allegations

A group of the premier school’s prefects allegedly have been bullying students (especially form ones), beating them up to a point where they seek external medical attention, yet the school has been cushioning them. A student who spoke to Daily Nation told how some school captains told them that they (the captains) were gods who were to be worshiped.

Blood-soaked clothes allegedly belonging to a form one bullied.
Blood-soaked clothes allegedly belonging to a form one bullied.

“Then early the next morning we were woken up at 3am and forced to lie on the graves,” he says.

One intimates how they have ‘Punishment parades and action nights’ where they new students are beaten upto midnight by prefects.

This is the first bullying scandal that has taken the country by storm, eliciting so much anger amongst parents and students (of Alliance High School and other schools as well). It has aroused the Ministry of Education’s reaction who probed the matter as well as TSC.

So yesterday it was reported that the Principal had resigned impromptu, despite his age being not yet. However the TSC has released a press statement saying that he did not resign, but he applied to retire and acted so in line with the law. But it begs for the question, why now?

The Letter from TSC concerning Mr. Kariuki’s resignation.

We are still digging into this story. More on the TSC-Ministry of Education tag of war coming up.