Late last term, during the KSSSA National competitions held at Statoe and Patch something came up. There were allegations that some schools were fielding overage players. In ‘Student Senate’ of our monthly The Insyder Magazine, some students even pointed out some schools which were alleged to be fielding players that were clearly over 18.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that a team from Rift Valley has been banned for two years after it was found guilty of fielding over-age players. Rugby and Basketball are the two most hit games as they involve physicality.

This morning, five schools in Nyanza have been ordered out after they were also found to have ‘mercenaries’. Coaches of the affected teams have been ordered to record statements failure to which they will be arrested. Some of the overage players are in police custody. The schools include;

1. Ligisa soccer boys
2. Gesero soccer boys
3. Olembo volley boys
4.Ringa volley boys
5. Mogonga volley boys