Dating between a man and a woman is definitely what people term as an appropriate or as God’s way of companionship. But what if your spouse is in denial of their true sexual identity? No definite reading on the sexual meter?

This is what I like to call the ‘D den crisis’ or the ‘DDC’. Dating or being married to someone with the ‘D den crisis’ draws more attention to how they manage to stay straight and gay at the same time in other words being bisexual.

PS: I have nothing against the gay community.On the contrary, I respect the fact that they are brave enough to accept their sexuality regardless of the criticism they get from the bigger crowd who are heterosexual. The acceptance is quite understandable compared to being a victim of a relationship where your spouse is bisexual;  but keeps it on the low and you end up figuring it out when its too late.The whole charade would be traumatizing. How would you personally incorporate the fact that your own man is gay? Trust me, I would not want to be in this position at any given opportunity.

What is my opinion on such a person? Well,my hope is that you accept yourself and where you belong based on the sexual meter, regardless of other peoples comments or criticism because either way the double living has its expiration date.Its duration could be that of the proverbial 40 days if not more or less. In addition,start living a genuine life with neither lies nor secrets. without having to be on the expense of someone else hope of having a real relationship with you. I know it is a difficult and complicated task to come out, but you never know, it might actually work to your advantage. I dare you to have a clean slate.