How is it that some people can achieve incredible success and live extraordinary lives yet they have the same number of hours as anyone else? It’s possible because their success is now a system that keeps on delivering. We all thrive to achieve the impossible so let’s start that up by building up positive habits, slowly, over minutes, hours, days, and weeks. But first, let’s break the following old habits for a better course.

Checking Your Phone As Soon As You Wake Up

There are countless articles about the morning habits of successful people, and they vary wildly. What they have in common, however, is that the morning is their terms. Even a four-minute check is carried out as part of your morning routine. That innocent check can easily turn into 30-minutes of responding that becomes a task. The morning is a glorious time, perfect for being fully present. Check your messages when you’ve done at least the most important things first. So the first thing you do is the main factor in this choice.

Saying Too Much

When you speak, you can only say things you know, but when you listen you learn another point of view or new information. Use the acronym WAIT, which means “why am I talking?” to remind you to talk less. Become comfortable hanging out in the silence between the question you ask and the other person’s answer. Consciously sitting back and contributing only when necessary can help you far better understand the people around you, without giving too much away yourself.

Scrolling Social Media

The typical user spends 82 minutes per day on social media, marking 9.5 hours a week of habitual checking and reacting. Don’t just sit there and spend most of your time just scrolling and filling your consciousness with things that don’t concern you. Sure, successful people produce content for social media, but they consume far less than what they produce. Work to take all the good things without succumbing to the bad.

Fearful Thinking

Fearful thinking is a habit that holds people back because it means they function from a mindset of scarcity. Imagine what kind of decisions that leads to; scrimping, holding back, putting people down, and gossiping. This pattern of thinking is halting your progress. Create a mindset of abundance which means knowing that the future is bright and there is plenty to go around; money, success, and happiness.