You all probably know that P-unit third Frasha is into politics. Not just that, but you also know that he is vying for the MCA seat in Athi River Township. Frasha made clear his ambitions last year and many doubted it, as it has occasionally been said that so-and-so is going for a given seat, only for it to end up as a kick (publicity stunt). But if you had any doubts about Frasha’s political ambitions, you thought wrong.

But the guy is veeery serious. He no longer dungas those shades and a snap for show posters, he is posing respectably like a Mheshimiwa and he recently joined one of Ukambani’s fastest growing parties, Maendeleo Chap Chap.

Francis Amisi

A clearly delighted Frasha a week ago joined the Maendeleo Chap Chap whereby he was received by Party Leader Dr. Alfred Mutua. In his speech, he promised to work with the Machakos governor besides urging people to work together. Mmmh, well. We wish Mheshimiwa Mgenge

Here is a video of him insisting that he was in the party, and he put the phrase “Ndani, ndaaani, ndaaaaani kabisa” to some good use.