A directive from the Ministry of education just landed on schools heads desks, the message being a shift of the rugby 7s games to term one.

The message comes as a shocker to the schools as both the 7s and 15s games will all be played in term one at county levels.

The games traditions have been shifted a bit over the years. In 2012, there was the shift of the 7s games to term two while 15s moving to term one. From time in memorial 7s games were played in term one while 15s played in term two. In 2013, the sevens games were again moved to term two and fifteens to terms two.

The directive for the 2019 games calendar sees both now moved to one term. Term two has been set for the soccer under 16 and under 19 and the racket games.

Other games set for term one are Hockey, Athletics, Decathlon Basketball and Heptathlon. All county games are set to end on 9th March while regional games to conclude on 18-23rd March.


The national games will be held on 5-14 April 2019 at Shanzu teachers College and Shimo la Tewa high school in Mombasa.

The shift of both 7s and 15s rugby games to one term will force teams to prepare perfectly for those games. In case of poor performance who will be responsible for the blame? Will there be a success story out of this new change? The giants like Upperhill, Kakamega, Laiser Hill and the likes will have to work harder if they aim at maintaining their glory in the rugby scene.