Are you really serious about a special girl in your life…??? But you are not sure what is in her mind? Chiqs are really complicated. So if you want to understand them you have to be more complicated. If you can be complicated, here are some easy ways to test your girlfriend’s loyalty tell her smth

1. “Tell her something about yourself & request her not to disclose” If somehow you hear your secret thing what you told her, from another person, you must understand that you cannot trust her. You must understand that she told all her friends your secret words. She will not able to keep your secret things confidential further.
Warning: Do not create a secret to test her, because that would be lying to her. And also don’t disclose your most important secret to her because if she will reveal it, that would be harmful.

2. “Request her not to go to a party she really wants to on an evening because you have mild fever & you need her” If she is ready to give up a party or a girls’ night out for you and if she is willing to come to your home to take care of you, she cares for you.
Warning: Don’t consistently ask her to give up everything for you because she cannot give up her life’s all happiness for you.

dating3. “Call a good looking friend of yours and introduce to her and see how she reacts & leave them alone for few minutes” If she starts to flirt with him and exchanges her phone number, she likes male attention too much. But if she tells you about what happened, its ok.
Warning: Don’t get caught because she might cheat on you later.

4. “Offer her the weekend together” If immediately she answers affirmative, you know she loves to spend a lot of time with you. But if she hesitates and wants to check her schedule, you have something to worry about.
Warning: Don’t force her to change her entire schedule for you because that would be dominating.

teen love5. “Watch her in the party or a night club” If she dances so closely with other guys in presence of yours, think what she do when you are not with her in a party. But if she dances normally and throws glances in your way, it’s ok.
Warning: No girl wants a huffing and puffing boyfriend in a party. Dancing with other guys is not bad but when it becomes so close, there is something to get in tension.

6. “Ask her to show her mobile phone’s inbox” If she immediately shows her inbox, its fine. But if any hesitation comes from your girlfriend, this is not the girl you want.
Warning: Don’t check every day her inbox because she may think that you are possessive.

woman-man-money7. “Cash” If your girlfriend asks for money every day and if the amount increases day by day continuously, you should understand that your girlfriend is with you only because of your money.

8. “Any social networking site” Make a fake profile of any other name and send a friend request to your girlfriend. If you find that she is flirty with you & wants to meet you, your girlfriend is not loyal.
Warning: In facebook or in any other social networking site girls like to flirt with other guys although she may be in a relationship. But if she is meeting other guys then she is a fake lover.

fake9. “Phone call” Tell anyone of your friend to call your girlfriend from an unknown number and tell him also to flirt with her. If she melts by the unknown phone call, you should leave her. Today you know that your friend is flirting with your girlfriend, but who knows how many calls she already had or having & dating with other guys.

10. Fake reason Tell your girlfriend about a serious problem (fake) of yours, like, you are fired from your job. Just look at her reactions. If she supports you & encourages and helps you to find another job, you have chosen the right person. But If she gets angry and starts to avoid you, she fails in the loyalty test.

By Net Blogger