Dj Exploid 1 Meet this simple, focused, humble guy who checks into The Insyder office very eager for our interview. Iddi Mugo, better known as DJ Exploid, is a young, upcoming DJ behind QTRO Entertainment, which he formed together with DJ Klash back in high school. He is a part of the Str8up and Baseline crew too.

DJ Exploid draws inpiration for doing his work from Homeboyz’s DJ John. He always worked on his deejaying skills while in class 6 using the Virtual DJ software. What’s more? His mixes hit the streets while he was in Form One.

I ask what his parents thought about him becoming a DJ and he says that they were at first a little rebellious before they accepted it.

DJ Exploid got to establish himself while playing music at events organised by the county government back in his Mwea home. He would wow crowds as he was the only renowned DJ in the area.

This young lad terms the third anniversary of his QTRO Entertainment as the best event he has ever held, owing to the big crowd it attracted. This was in high school (speak of gusto).

I kept wondering what QTRO Entertainment was all about. DJ Exploid was quick to utter that it was just a platform for helping guys organise gigs as well as try to market local music, which seems to be fading away owing to teeniez’ fanaticism for EDM, dancehall, rap, rock and pop music.

How did he end up being a member of Str8up and Baseline?

“It was out of my own hard work,” he says.
Dj Exploid 3
At first, DJ Exploid elaborates, he wanted to be interviewed on Str8up Live. It didn’t happen. He consistently went to the KTN offices to ask for an interview, only to be told by the show’s producer that they wouldn’t mind having him as part of their team as well as that of Baseline.

From the audience that shows up on Str8up to the songs that play on Baseline, DJ Exploid manages it all.

Dancehall is DJ Exploid’s preferred sound, so for any event, he drops a crazy set of that type of music. He says he is not good at playing rock music though.

I’m quick to ask what his favourite song is, but just when I expect him to say something by Konshens, to my amusement, he states that Davido’s “Skelewu” always works for him.

Obstacles are part of what DJ Exploid encounters daily. He points the major one as establishing a name in the competitive career that is deejaying.

What serves as DJ Exploid’s most embarrassing moment is whenever Virtual DJ becomes problematic while he is performing at an event.

The dude is obsessed with rave and music.

When he is not working, he surfs the net – uploading his mixes or listening to and watching the latest hits.

Apart from deejaying, the fellow undertakes photography and directs music videos.

If he weren’t in this field, a possible venture into Information Technology would have been his preferred undertaking.

Is he single? “I’m in a relationship,” he says.

In a few years, DJ Exploid observes, he will own a video production unit.

He yearns to scale to higher heights and become an international and acclaimed disc jockey. His advice to young, upcoming DJs is that they should be unique and they should focus on their work.

Judging by the zest he has, Mugo is set to prosper in his own xceptional way.

Ambitious DJs should watch out!

By David Ng’ang’a