For starters if you missed it sorry not sorry but worry not, that’s why we are here to bring you the inside stories from Koroga festival. This is an all inclusive festival that is known for bringing together artists from different parts of the country with an aim of entertaining their fans. The two day festival which kicked off on Saturday 17th March 2018 at Carnivore grounds had everyone on their toes for the fear of missing out. All was set and in place from the beverage stands to the munchez stands. From the look of things, no one wanted their friends to miss out on this, people walked in squads as they enjoyed the music.The outstanding thing about this edition is that it was a queen’s edition. When it came to music the DJs exhibited their skills just to keep the fans on the go. Music would obviously be boring if no dance is involved.Did that raise your curiosity? Forget about odi dance,the dance to move by was the guara dance.

DJ Stretch took the lead in the DJ line up followed by DJ Jo Kisila,DJ Malaika and to cream it DJ Mellow who gave the crowd the mellow experience.Saturday was surely just a party starter, Sunday was the long awaited day.People took long ques with an aim of having access to the Koroga Festival. The list of the performances that were expected on stage is what that kept everyone’s hope alive.

The Mc’s of the day were Amina Abdi and Wanjira who kept the crowd updated as this was essential and not forgetting how amazing they looked on stage. Their outfits were African defined in a very authentic way something that the eyes couldn’t resist. Mercy Masika made a great spirit-lifting performance on stage as she gave people a taste of her music from way back when she begun her journey. The place was full of gospel vibes that no one could resist. Incase anyone had missed church, this was the right performance for them as it had everyone on the want for more of Baba nichukue unifunze….nataka kusoma,kwa shule yako.

Mercy Masika moving the crowd.

The most interesting bit of the festival is that there was an eating competition courtesy of Urban burger Kenya.Out of 5 participants two emerged as the winners that was Adrey and Kare who took the first and second place respectively. To even spark your appetite the two took home meal vouchers, it was clearly a great day for their hunger bans.

Sage gave the crowd an amazing breathe taking performance that sizzled emotions all over the place.Could this be a come back scheme for the amazing songtress? The crowd was surely moved by her performance after such a long time of not seeing her on stage.

Sage on stage.

The spark of the event was definitely Yemi Alade’s performance. Yemi Alade did not fail her fans,she delivered an electrifying performance that had the crowd move and sing along to her songs. The crowd even shouted ‘We want more’ which left Yemi Alade with no option but to appear again on stage. Every moment has to have a highlight that keeps memories new each and every time. This was the most blazing moment that left many with stories to share on  their lips. The queens surely rocked and made the whole event worthwhile.

Yemi Alade performs.

Now you know why Koroga Festival was the place to be over the weekend.