2Baba (formerly known as 2face Idibia) is a veteran in African music; for all his contributions to the industry, he can easily be described as a legend and nobody would dispute that; after all, anyone who can give us a timeless classic such as ‘African Queen’ deserves to be referred to as a legend.

2baba is in the country for a Coke Studio project, and The Insyder caught up with the extremely cool guy to talk music, beef, and the weather; yes, the weather, which the mega star seemed to be enjoying very much.

“I love the weather here. It’s very cool and extremely different from where I come; in some parts of Nigeria it is always summer”, mentions 2baba, with a laugh.

2baba will be partnered with Rema Namakula for a Coke Studio mash up, a project for which he had a lot of good words to spare.

“I love the organic nature of the music, and I love the fact it brings people from different parts of the continent to work together; it breeds the concept of on love. The levels of professionalism and standards are very high too!” He cheerfully adds.

2baba may know one or two things about professionalism as well; after all, he has consistently been at the top of his game for close to a decade. What does he attribute this to? Among other things, his fans.

“Fans are very important in keeping somebody at the top; if they are not feeling you anymore, the fans will just free you and move on. My fans are constantly there. Also, on my own part, I am always hungry; I never feel as though I am where I need to be, and that keeps me wanting to do great things without compromising on my music.”

We also discussed the issue of beef, and whether it has a place in the music industry; a question which was met with laughter on his part.

“Well, what can I say…beef is something which occurs naturally. It is something that sometimes just happens; someone can look at me and have a problem, and then decide to say something at which I will get upset, resulting in beef. However, in as much as it happens that way, it’s something that should be handled in the studio. Not physically, but through the music. If we have beef, and we put it on music, everybody is happy! I will benefit, you will benefit, and the fans will be happy too.”

“So you’d want it to be a win-win scenario for everybody?” I ask to clarify.

“Exactly! A win-win situation” he says in agreement.

Further on the subject on music, 2baba mentions that he is currently not thinking of any album; however, he is always ready to make music whenever he feels inspired. “If something sparks in my head and I feel I’m ready, I’ll get to it.”
“Is ‘Oya come make we go’ an indication of further collaborations between you and Kenyans?” I enquire, alluding to his latest track with Sauti Sol.

“Yes, definitely! Sometimes these things aren’t planned; you meet someone and you just vibe with them, so hopefully that will happen.”

To close out the interview, 2baba has some words for teenagers who want to achieve success at a young age.

“For teenagers, I would like to talk to their parents and ask them to encourage their children while keeping them grounded. When you have success at a young age, you are prone to so much negative influences, including alcohols and drugs. But if you are with your parent at a concert, for example, you will be grounded and negative influences will not come at you. It would also make you feel confident, because being with your parent gives you confidence that nobody will mess you; it will give you the ginger!”

We all laugh because I did not know what ginger meant, and there I was trying to understand him without success.

“Ginger means fuel; the drive to succeed” he elaborates.

I hope teens learn to seek that ginger in the right way, as 2baba would have wanted them.