Have you grabbed your fave magazine’s latest issue? The Insyder Magazine August issue is out and as always, you don’t wanna miss this! It features your hottest celebs, Kaka Empire’s Femi One (our cover girl, yaaay), Pascal Tokodi and new signing Arrow Bwoy. We get to dig deep into each of these artistes’ personal lives and their take on sex, our theme this month.

We covered the whole music festival journey for you all through to Natioz, courtesy of Blaze by Safaricom. We bring you the super-lit natioz festival at MMUST. You think you saw it all in our updates, grab a copy and get to see what went on behind the scenes as captured by our iQru. We also bring you The Great Debaters Contest held in different schools, Meru, Kisumu Gee, Katch, MFA, Nyeri High, Machakos Academy and many others.

Our iQru asked students whether they speak to their parents about sex (or whether parents give them sex-talk), and their responses are quite breath-taking. Uppah and Laiser Hill Studez opened up about this and you have to read it for yourself. Still on sex and dating, in this era of DMing chicks, what do guys do wrong? What should they do right?

Laiser Hill Academy held their MML Night on the 19th of July. The pre-MML and the glamorous MML Night has been captured very well by the school’s iQru reps who are in the journalism club. Speaking of journalism clubs, The Insyder Magazine partners with some of the great names in the media industry in a mentorship program called PEPERUKA. The Peperuka Mentorship program is aimed at giving structure to our journalism clubs and helping aspiring journalists get off with journalistic knowledge from the mentors. The crew has so far gone to different schools and in the magazine the different boot-camps and career fairs attended are represented so well.

There’s also art, poetry and a lot more that we actually can’t cover here. Grab yourself a copy, enjoy the read!