Heyyyy, This month’s issue of your fave magazine is 🔥🔥🔥!! Gracing the cover are stars Samuel Carson from Laiser Hill (404) and Jeremy Kahoya from Ditchez (104). The former is an events honcho, while still in school, while the latter is  already making a name for himself in the football world.

In the mag, we get to dig into how lads used the now-cold Sarahah to vibe chiqs and test waters before they finally revealed their identity. True, guys would dm a chiq on Sarahah and wait for them to reply so that they’d see what to expect if they made a move. But this issue was fully dedicated to 404s hence the TBT issue. We have crazy stories as told by 404s on their journey from stepping into the school to leaving.

Hot dancehall sensation Cara Feral also spoke to iQru about herself, her music and all that ya should know. Check it out, you’ll love and appreciate this talented beau. As we always do during holidays, teeniez paid iQru a visit and in pictures you’ll get to see how the day was. Bush’s Stano (Ig @_nyakado.yule.msee) has penned a hilarious article on how his move to katia a chiq during this year’s Bush Open ended badly after another ni**a showed up. Read how.

And of course, we attended the very awesome Gold-Cup at the Hillcrest, Karen. It was an event on another level, one that had fun and activities. Then the Bush Career Fair in pictures. We have all the photos and the narration of what transpired. By the way. has anyone wondered why fetivals have become the in-thing for the Y-generation? Buru Gee’s Kemunto writes about this before teaming up with her siz Sarange to give us a brief explanation on the evolution of dance styles.

Our special writer, Brian Obigwa from Laiser Hill pinned a very emotional, nostalgic article about his time in his second home, Laiser Hill. He’s been there, from Kindergarten, Primary to high school and being parted with that place feels like…. By the way, have you been to Thogotho Home for the Aged? The teeniez at Bush are doing some great job there. Go have a look, lend a hand and make the world a better place. We have some song lyrics for you and a lot more. Grab your copy now!!!