jaccuzi, kairetu

It was thrills and chills during the Konshens concert as a  popular Instagrammer took a jab at a popular rapper and consequently a video of the same went viral. The Instagram ‘influencer’ popularly known as Kairetu has now cleared the air after the leaked video of her verbally attacking Kenyan rapper Jaccuzi went viral.

In the video, Kairetu claims to have terminated three of Jaccuzi’s pregnancies. Kairetu has later taken to her Instagram page and made it clear that she, in fact, had two of Jaccuzi’s pregnancies and not three as she had earlier claimed. She further blames her previous sentiments on the alcohol.

Kairetu’s attack toward Jaccuzi was propelled by the latter ignoring her despite them having had a fairly long relationship. She claims that she has been in a relationship with the rapper for two years. In her leaked video, Kairetu is seen ordering Jaccuzi to switch on his phone, probably in a bid to provide evidence of the same.

“Washa simu niwaonyeshe  washa simu…”    


Whether Jaccuzi or Kairetu is to be blamed for the entire ordeal still remains a  controversial topic. Kairetu is just one among many women who are victims of stray bullets. A large percentage of people would take offence at Jaccuzi for sambazaing mbegu  aimlessly, going by the fact that Kairetu took to social media to play the victim. Another lot of people would blame it on Kairetu for not having it wrapped up. Eeeh, mbona alienda dry fry? And whether alienda dry fry or not, who shot the gun?       

I mean, who’s really to blame for the stray bullets and abortions? 

As much as we would bash Kairetu for not making sure she wrapped it up, which guy goes around shooting aimlessly without taking consideration of the repercussions? And who in her right mind risks her life by terminating multiple pregnancies?   

For those who care, Jaccuzi and Kairetu are back together again. Yes, after all that drama.

Publicity stunt? Maybe. A lot for us to think about? Certainly.