It is normal for marriages to experience difficulties once in a while, but what is worse than having issues with your partner-is having to have these issues in the public eye. Today morning, news broke of a nasty scandal involving Kenya’s first church couple, The Kiunas.


The source of the story,, claims that Kathy had left her matrimonial home a few weeks ago after she was informed that her husband Allan had been stepping out on her.

Apparently, the woman who Allan Kiuna was apparently involved with is even expecting his baby.

Immediately Kathy got wind of her husband’s ways, she left their matrimonial house and flew to South Africa- to cool off.

Tuko took a step further and questioned the Reverend on the said rumors.

I am a man of integrity, I’m only in love with one woman, Kathy Kiuna and all other accusations are untrue and unfounded. That rumour is unfounded, baseless and wrong, that’s all for now

Allan Kiuna told tuko.

Kathy Kiuna is back in the country from her said hiatus, she has not spoken on the scandal yet.