For 9-year old Tredy Bradley life has never been the same again after being discovered by Mercy Masika thanks to a video of him singing her hit song Mwema that went viral.

Masika’s efforts to trace him bore fruits and the former street urchin is now under the care of Royal Media employee Daizy Kayech.

Daizy felt the need to change the young boy’s life which prompted her to make a call to Lisa,the lady who posted the video of Bradly singing the song.

Bradly’s grandmother gave them the go ahead to make decisions on behalf of her which consequently gave them guardianship of the boy.

He has since then done auditions most notably during the Kids Festival held at the Carnivore last Saturday.

“Lisa and Bradly came to Nairobi for auditions and for those three days they were staying in my house. But after the three days of course we were told by the producers that he has to stay because there was going to be a photo shoot and since Lisa had to go back to Kisumu for work she left the boy behind.

After the results we were told he was among the 20 finalists and had to do a recording every Saturday. It boiled down to how he would afford the fares to and from Kisumu every week yet he is a needy boy. And so we decided to help give him a home in Nairobi,”Ms.Kayech said.

And in as far as education matters are concerned,Ms.Kayech and other well-wishers got the boy enrolled to the prestigious Sankofa Academy in Syokimau on a full scholarship basis.

She also got Bradley a voice coach to help him get ready for his new single next month.

“Pitson offered to assist Bradly in writing his first single as the boy has more of raw Luo songs as opposed to Swahili which we chose as the language for the first single. Many other people have gotten in touch to assist including Mercy Masika whom we are meeting again this Sunday, Abedy Ngoso, Evelyne Wanjiru and Rigan Sirkozy,”Ms.Kayech said.

Her intention is to see the young lad complete education as well see that his singing talent is well-nurtured.

Source:Nairobi News