The Maze RunnerI honestly don’t read novels, ask me why and my answer will surprise you. But I’m always fascinated by the artistic nature of the cover pages. However, my sisters and girlfriends, (weh! I don’t cheat, I mean my female friends) read novels and so I occasionally bump into interesting novel headings/topics. So when I came across a preview of The Maze Runner on YouTube, it instantly hit me that I’d seen someone with a novel of the same title.

Released on 19th September 2014 in US theatres, the Action, Mystery, and Sci-fi movie directed by Wes Ball was adapted from the novel dubbed ‘The Maze Runner” that was written by James Dashner.

the maze runner..jpg..The movie features a teenager named Thomas (Dylan O’Brian) who wakes up in a colossal maze that contains other boys and one female (Kaya Scodelario). Nonetheless, just like the other youths that he finds there, he has no memory of his previous life except for strange dreams about a mysterious organization (W.C.K.D). He joins the other boys and is soon promoted to a Runner status (the ones in charge of patrolling the ever-changing maze) after demonstrating unique perspectives. Kaya together with Thomas try to convince the other boys that he has a way out of the maze. Is it true? Does he find a way out of the maze? How did they end up in the maze?

Well, I was lucky to watch the movie this weekend at Junky when it first premiered in Kenya (courtesy of Homeboyz Radio) and trust me you, it is a must watch!

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