Bubbly Kiss FM radio presenter Adelle Onyango has gotten herself a new tattoo. Having experienced sexual assault back in 2008 when she was raped, she has decided to have a tattoo that represents hope and love to those struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, addiction and self-injury.

The Kenyan radio star got married recently and she had her fair share of criticism but she bounced back at the haters. It seems her winning streak is getting better with this new tattoo. She joined an initiative called Project Semicolon which is an American health non-profit NGO.

Project Semicolon encourages people who have gone through those issues to get a tattoo as a sign of survival and hope. Life is not easy at all. When depression strikes, even for you as a young person, make sure to get the right help. 13 Reasons Why had a tragic end for Hannah Baker but that doesn’t have to be your end.

Adelle Onyango shared her story about her rape back in 2012 in the hope of encouraging others to open up about their struggles with the issue. She now has the tattoo on the back of her palm near the thumb.

P.S Don’t get tattoos if you are not of legal age yet.

On her social media page, she showed off the tattoo with her friend. Adelle then went on to explain the meaning of the tattoo.