The Mpesa Foundation Academy is a world class facility that was started by Mpesa, Safaricom. Its aim was to help develop all round students in the country. It caters for the needs of students in areas like technology, arts and other activities that develop students talents and abilities. This is away from all the classroom activities that most schools lay emphasis on.

The Mpesa foundation has been running for over two years. It not only aims at creating educational opportunities but also develop the community at large. How do they manage to do this? They do this by creating opportunities for different people in different sectors to prosper in their fields of prowess. These fields include providing opportunities in the agricultural sector through funding, technological development in the community and many more.

In the educational sector, the Mpesa foundation has done a lot than just sponsoring students to their academy. They also started a fund that sponsors the needy kids for full four year scholarships to schools around the country.


In a launch of the project that started this year, Mpesa gave 100 students a chance to fulfill their dreams of getting an education. The colorful event which was held at the Michael Joseph Centre, Nairobi saw the students get not only scholarships but mentors. These mentors were to guide the students on their educational journey throughout the four years to ensure hey got the best out the Mpesa Foundation.

“We set up the scholarship foundation to ensure students who did not get into the Mpesa foundation a chance to get an education. We mostly give a chance to the students who do are less fortunate in society,”says Sanda Ojiambo the Head of Department Corporate Responsibility at Safaricom.

The Mpesa Foundation aims at long term goals and calls on all the available sponsors to help ensure the program continues helping the next generation of leaders in society.