Men and women in Kenya have developed the most genius responses for questions asked by anyone. Kenyans are actually the people who will actually see heaven on ‘ViuSasa’, of course not forgetting Nigerians. Nigerians can actually be one of the most sarcastic people to a point of making one cry. Kenyans and sarcasm go hand in hand, on a funny level and also crazy at some point.

Kenyan men have been known to be so sly with the use of the term ‘nakam’. Nakam is a term derived from Swahili sheng meaning I am coming. The most used term in the country by young guys. One instance is there is a party and someone says, ‘weka mzinga nakam na madame. This means buy a drink and Ill come with the ladies. If someone says this, trust me it has to be the biggest lie the world has ever heard. That party will be a guy filled party with only one or two girls. Beware of such fraud.

Another big ‘nakam’ lie is when one is supposed to meet with their buddy at a particular time. The lie comes in when one states, ‘niko kwa njia nakam’. This means they are on the way. That is corruption on another level, probably the person has not even left the house. This term is used in this scenario to buy time for an African timer. Be wise!

Ladies are also not safe when it comes to this issue. A guy has invited a girl over to his crib for a good time. The guy even sends the lady cash for an uber so as to ensure she gets to his place. The lady texts and says ‘nakam’. Three hours later she does not show up and switches off her phone. That is when you realise the devil does not only have horns on his head but also does make up. That is where you start repenting your sins and start managing your savings properly. Not forgetting trusting the right people.


Ladies and gents are not spared on this one. Imagine has your debt and they decided to meet you for the delivery. You keep calling them and one or two hours the person does not show up, they just keep saying ‘nakam’. Just forgive and forget the debt because the person is not going to show up even if you offer sacrifices to the ancestors.

Last but not least, this goes out to all the ladies. If you are on a date with a guy and he gets up and walks out after eating on the notion that he is on a call. Thirty minutes gone and the guy does not come back. You try calling him and if he keeps saying ‘nakam’. My sister do not worry because that is what is called in Kenyan terms as ‘kucheswo’ aka you just got played. That is where you have to start praying or if it gets worse pay for the whole date with your money. That is where you learn that you can only trust yourself and the most high.

Main important point to note to avoid falling into the trap of ‘nakam’ is never trust anyone who uses the term.

‘Nakam’ is a term equal to mass destruction. Stay away before you fall prey.