The journey to stardom is not always an easy walk in the park. From the trying times to the long hours in studio, musicians have to undergo numerous obstacles that may be their break through or ‘death.’ For female musicians the rise to the top is an even greater battle. We look at some of the great females ruling our airwaves that will emerge as the next leaders of the industry.

Nikita Kering

An album launch back in December 2011 was the breakthrough she needed to burst onto the music scene. Performing alongside Emmy Kosgei who was the main act, the young star wowed many with her adorable voice. Years on, Nikita has set the pace and brought a youthful touch to the revolution that is in the music industry. She has presented at numerous events and galas at her young age.

Nikita Kering with the awards she won at AFRIMA 2019

She has also set precedence in Africa as she became one of the youngest recipients at the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA), winning Best Female Artist in East Africa and Revelation of the African Continent. The ‘Happy with You’ hit maker is only 18 and will continue to be a rising star in the sector.

Nadia Mukami

Who in this country has not heard the sensational voice of Nadia? She is a fast rising star who is gaining popularity with her soothing melodies and mellow voice. Being in the industry for a mere four years, she has gained traction with the masses.

Nadia Mukami in her music video Maombi

The Mt.Laverna alumnus has a number of hit songs under her belt. Jumping into the scene with the Hit song “Kesi”, she hit the ground running and never looked back. Nadia has worked with numerous celebrities such as Arrow Boy. Fusing smooth urban sounds, poetry and afro-pop in her music styles has made her remain a loveable character. Examples of songs under her brand include Maombi, Radio love that features Arrow Boy and Ni Tekenye featuring Sailors.

Bridget Blue

Bridget is another young star that has revolutionized the music star. Multi tasking between being a singer, songwriter and a make –up artist, she has been a force to reckon with. She is signed under Kaka Empire music label that has nurtured her to a fan favorite and made her a trailblazer in the music industry. Coming out of the corridors of MFA Lanet, the young sensation hit the limelight due to her music clips that she posted on her IG stories.

Bridget Blue performing Different

She has worked with King Kaka to produce Njia which is part of King Kaka’s Eastlando Royalty album. She also performed at the Eastlando Royalty launch where she made a name for herself. Some of her hit songs are Drug and Different.

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Even as the young generation begins to take over, we all wait to see how these young superstars will revolutionize the music industry. As they continue to serenade us with their angelic voices, the older generation needs to be warned that millennials are here to take over.