Feb has always been associated as the month of love. From the numerous love inspired events, films and even to Valentine’s Day, it is that epic month. Most people use this opportunity to express their commitment to each other. However, there is a new tradition cropping up and leaving many worried.

For the past few years, there has been a debate on why males are not taking up the issues of valentines on a serious note. This prompted a new event that is ironically always scheduled for Valentine’s Day. Yep, your guess is right. It’s the Men’s Conference.

A peek at a Men’s Conference

It has grown in a few months to be the go-to place for men to discuss their issues and avoid all the hustle and bustle of Valentines. Even though it is a great idea to take time off and discuss issues among the same gender group, one wonders why it had to be on Valentines’.

Is it that we are afraid to spend time and money with our loved or are our egos just too bloated to keep the tradition going? Why is it that we dread our women on this day that is supposed to highlight the love we share? Do the pressures of love make us feel threatened that we would not even want to create special moments with our loved ones?

Let’s drop this façade that we must have our men talk during valentines. Let us just drop the act. Can’t we schedule it for another day and use the valentines to make the women happy? We have undergone lots of tribulations as men: from the low interests in the development of the boy child to the humiliations that men suffer in silence. But through all this, hasn’t your loved one been there by your side?


Life is all about love and why not share it on that special day with your loved one. Surprise her with something that will make her day epic. Engage her in activities that express your concern and love for her rather than spend time in a closed room. No one disputes the fact that Valentine has turned into a cash cow but love is all about sacrificing to ensure you live a happy life with the one you love.

Throwing a Surprise Valentines

Being afraid to uphold the culture of valentines due to your bloated ego or insecurities won’t change the fact that Valentines will always be there, whether you want or not. Jump out of that cocoon that has you enslaved and take time to engrave great memories in your love life. Or even if you think this is too far-fetched, what would you respond with when your future kids ask what you and mum did for Valentines? Set the pace for the future generation by showing that love is everything and Valentine is special.

All in all, Happy Valentines.