Last week my phone broke into smithereens, I got frustrated and disappointed cause I knew I would not get a new phone in weeks and that picture seemed to assassinate me mentality.

no-take-me-but-not-the-wifiYou’re probably scratching your head wondering what the hell I’m talking about, but this condition exists and I testify as living proof…..”Nomo phobia” is a condition where one dreads the possibility of being phoneless to the point of guarding the gadgets with their lives.

no_wi_fiNow with the developments in social media, we tend to be so glued to our phones that we cannot think outside the box anymore. Folks would rather make new friends on Facebook than acknowledge the new faces around them, or send emojis on whatsapp than offer those seated beside them a warm smile. This is what it has come to.

FacebookTelescopeOn an average busy day most of us check our smartphones more than 34 times just to see if any of our “friends” have in boxed us on Facebook, or liked our new selfies on instagram. Bottom line is, most of us suffer from Nomo phobia.

You know you have it when you’re constantly purchasing bundles, walking while texting, eating while still scrolling your phone and most have even taken the measures of going into the bathroom with their gadgets.

imagesAlthough the world that social media offers us seems all coated with gold the fact still remains, that world aint real, if only you would stop looking at your phone for just a few minutes and gaze upon the beauties of the real world then you might just be astonished at what you’ve been missing out on.

So switch off your gadgets and give the world a shot!!!!!

By Brian and Jéanette, owners and writers for YoungJugglers