Imagine staying 30 years without one of the most coveted titles in the football industry. On top of that add having a team that is below par with your rivals and a staggering budget that is way too back. That’s the history of one such team that has set new trends this season.

From the streets of Liverpool and to the fun-filled stadium of Anfield rises one great team. You are right, it is Liverpool FC. The once prestigious team that dominated headlines worldwide. Started in 1892, the team grew and started to shake the normal line-up of the league and in Europe. With a team that mainly consisted of young teens from society, it became a formidable opponent.

Liverpool FC back in the days

Scooping the League Title a total of 18 times then, the success of the club was legendary. However, the conquest was short-lived as the team fell from grace to grass. Falling from the pecking order in the seasons that followed 1989-90, the team fell from grace to grass.

With the shortcomings of being poor in the league, the team lost great chances to prove their ability at the world stage. This earned them lots of lost revenue and even some of their key players who desired to win major titles. Dropping from the elites in the UK and Europe took its toll on the team and led them to come up with a comeback plan.

The hiring of Jürgen Klopp in 2015 began the resurgence of the club. Coming from the Bundesliga with numerous accolades to his name, the man, dubbed the Mad-Nerd, was handled the mantle of leading the rise to glory once again. He didn’t dillydally and went straight to work restructuring the team’s line-up by bringing in new players and uplifting the ones already there.

Liverpool players lifting the Super Cup

The 2019-2020 season has so far been their best as they have won the UEFA Super Cup, the Club World Cup and are in the front seat to win this year’s EPL title with 11 matches to go. Going the season undefeated in the league has enabled them to set records and will even surpass others as the season comes to a close.


With a 22-point difference to its nearest competitors, the team has grown and shown that a true phoenix can truly rise from the ashes and make a difference in the normal running of things