Social networks have grown exponentially over the past decade, hence decentralizing publishing and giving rise to unregulated content. This has given every individual who has access to the internet the power to express their interests unique and creative ways. The youth have benefited the most. This is because they are digital natives and understand how to navigate their way around the internet. Social media is promising to be the future of entertainment.

The disruption that social networks have brought about within the entertainment industry has enormously changed the way people consume and create content. Adoption of mobile technology has also enabled video content to be more accessible to the mass.

This has also affected the comedy industry. With increased demand for humorous content, creatives are now turning their focus towards creating online content for their fans.This is more effective than stand-up comedy, since it’s cheap to create and fans can access such content at any time. The likes of Mulamwah, Kartello and Rono.h are among the youth who have made a breakthrough from creating humorous content online.


He is famously known as Oya oya oya! or Mbogi ya Kimonyoski. The rising online sensation has established his signature Ghetto vibe, making him one of the most sought-after young online creatives’ in the country.

His prowess in the online comedy world is incomparable. He started out by posting random videos on his Instagram page depicting the ghetto lifestyle and the new sheng or slang in town. This caught peoples’ attention and soon his videos were going viral and trending on all social media platforms.

He became a butt of memes in every meme lord’s library. His viral videos and signature ‘Oya Oya Oya!’ phrase steered him up the comedy industry quite fast. Kartello’s  incredible talent caught the attention of comedian Chipukeezy. Chipukeezy decided to give the young rising star an opportunity to appear on his weekly show the Chipukeezy Show. This has grown Kartello’s clout immensely to an extent that he is now trying out stand-up comedy alongside some of Kenya’s elite comedians.


He is known as Kitale king or Mulamwah David Oyando. The professional doctor turned comedian is among the new comedians causing tremors online with his unique humor. His uniqueness  is how well he imitates the Luhya accent in his videos.

Starting out as an online sensation using short and funny videos on Instagram, he has grown to become one of the biggest online comedians among the youth. His comedy has earned him able to a whopping 50,000 followers on Instagram. The thirst to diversify and keep up with fast evolving trends that excite his fans has seen him amplify his Instagram content to other platforms like YouTube. Currently, he is boasts of an accrued fan base of over 12,000 subscribers. With an interconnected social network, Mulamwah is able to entertain his fans in both platforms with the same content. His fast rise to fame has made him a hot cake among his peers in the industry. Radio and Television stations are now chasing after the young online sensation.


Deborah Chebet Rono aka Rono.h has also earned a spot in this elite group of young rising stars. The young comedian had a very tough start.This is because her content seemed to rub shoulders with a lot of men. It seemed to be just another online rant by a young bitter lady, but that didn’t deter her from doing what she does best.

Defying all odds, she became one of the best if not the first young lady to emerge as an online comedy sensation. Starting out on Instagram, she has grown to gain over 109,000 followers over a very short time. She has linked her comedy with  vlogging skills to create a YouTube channel called Great Day.

Her page has so far gained over 34,000 followers. Rono’s consistency and authenticity has earned her a massive fan base of loyal and supportive fans. Her social media popularity has also propelled her to working with some established brands like NRG Radio.


The station opted to give her an opportunity to explore and connect with her fans through a show called YouTube meets Radio.

These young stars are an example of the potentials that social media present to the millennial generation. It’s proving to be the future of entertainment! With musicians nowadays rising from social platforms like Tik Tok, creators finding a voice on YouTube, Instagram, Snap chat and Facebook, the future is headed the digital way! It’s time to adapt!

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