You remember when Verah the Bosschick went on The Trend and said “My boyfriend spoils me” when asked how she managed her lavish lifestyle? Then she said the boyfriend is some Nigerian oil tycoon? Well. Turns out that was a lie since, after things went nasty and the lad leaked her nudes, she’s decided to lay their past bare for everyone to see.

Apparently, she was not being spoiled by this man, maybe spoilt, makes sense? No? Verah has been ranting and showing the world how her now ex mistreated her, with a series of long messages on how she smiled and lied to the world that all was sweet and sundry while in the real sense things were going down south.

But wait, this man battered her! The very man she twerked for and filmed and taught the whole world (remember this year’s Valentine’s day?) that if you did that to your man five times a week you’d be the happiest girl ever! All that was fake life, seems. Well, here are the messages she shared in her gram, including a video of her being battered (spoiled?) by the ex .