The Red Devils

Colors are some of the greatest symbols. Different colors play different roles wherever they appear, even in flags. Like the Kenyan flag for instance; black color represents the people, green represents vegetation, white peace and red,  blood that was shed during the fight for independence. But that’s not all, colors mean more than just that.

  1. Red.

Red is the color of victory. It’s the winners color. It’s largely been used to show danger, but deeply it’s denoted from fights. The warrior who did slay many enemies was the victor, and he wore red. He was dangerous. Notice in many competitions, the team that wears red always emerges the winner. In football for instance, the teams donning red (Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Ajax Amsterdam) have a rich winning history. Even in politics, just take a look at past occurrences.

The Red Devils
The Red Devils

 2. Black.

You guessed right. Black is the devil’s color. In the African Traditional Societies, so many things were forbidden to be done in the dark. Whistling, eating in darkness, calling out somebody’s name and many more. They said ghosts lurked in the darkness and it was dangerous. It still is believed that Black is evil, look at it’s associations. Black magic, Black Friday (Friday 13th), Black spot (you know what happens at such a place, right?). And many people dread a black cat crossing their part when they’re traveling, that automatically becomes the end of their journey because, allegedly, a black cat portends bad luck.

Black cat crossing the road.
Black cat crossing the road.

 3. White.

Well, white is the opposite of black. That’s how it’s denoted in many things. So white means clean. White means peace in all aspects. We use white doves to symbolize peace. When a boxer is in a ring and wants to surrender, they throw in a white towel.


 4. Grey

Grey is an intermediate of black and white. It has traces of both aspects and therefore confuses. It’s the color of deception. It lies to some people that the whole issue is black, as well as deceiving the rest that it’s white. It seeks to satisfy both sides and as a result lies a lot. A famous preacher uses the example of horses. he says of the dark horse, white horse, then the grey horse, which he says lies to believers that it’s white hence misleading them.

 5. Orange.

The most decorated color. This color is so beautiful, and it’s much celebrated. It’s a relative to red, and has the winning genes, like the red one. But it’s a color of disappointments in most cases. It rarely wins. Take a look at most teams with Orange as their jersey color, they do really well. But at the homestretch, they falter. Remember the South Africa world cup 2010? Remember Netherlands? Remember Ivory Coast football team?