Details of the day when I discovered them are hazy in their form. All that’s sure is that I was scrolling my Sound Cloud stream, with the desperate hope of stumbling upon something , anything really, that’d get me excited about music again, when the peculiar name jumped at me, demanding my full attention.

Snakehips are a mainstay in their home city of London, and they’re known for their signature remixes, reworks and edits. Their sound, which simmers with a broad blend of styles is refreshingly inventive in that it refuses to be boxed up and labeled as a single genre. They feel to me, like a fusion of Hip Hop, Dub-Step, RnB with some underlying elements of Garage.

I’d describe their sound as reminiscent and subsuming. These young men, I feel, are blessed with the rare and much needed gift of transportation. Everything, (to me at least), becomes obscure and meaningless once a song comes on.  They take you away from yourself, into an intangible mystical space, that leaves one in a seemingly musically induced haze. They restore, (to me at least,) the natural purpose for which music was intended.

Forget the alcohol, forget the weed, forget your poison of choice, they get you trippy, without having to even try.

Here are some links to their songs, Happy listening 🙂

Bondax | Gold (Snakehips Bootleg) 

Snakehips ft. Sinead Harnett | Days With You

The Weeknd | Wanderlust (Snakehips Remix)

By Vera Njambi