D-Day is finally here peeps, and we are excited to be exercising our democratic right. Most of us by now are confident in our choices and are ready to vote for who they believe in.

However there are some things that are absolutely necessary to get through the process. Please see the checklist below and ensure that you are fully prepared.

Form of Identification

You will need your National Identification card (ID) to identify yourself in order to be able to cast your vote.



It is so important to remain hydrated while you are waiting to cast your vote. If you are even able to carry about a litre of water, you should be sorted for the day.


You need to be in constant communication with your loved ones. Also, you will need it for entertainment purposes such as listenign to music and social media updates.


Just ensure you have enough airtime and bundles as well.

Power bank

Running out of juice is not an option, carry your power bank and of course make sure that it is fully charged .



You will need it either way, come rain or shine.

Book or magazine

This can be a very good opportunity to catch up with some good reads you have been meaning to. This will also save your phone some battery and take your mind off things.


Carrying a variety of snacks of your choice is better than having to buy what is available because you might be famished for standing in the long queues.