Skulz out people! We all know that everyone is looking for the hottest plot in the hood. Everyone wants a reason to finish their tuition on a nearly date. Nobody wants the old tradition of going to upcountry during the holiday. We have the ultimate plan for you. it is non other than the famous Xit fest.

Xit fest is a leavers bash party for high school students and all those who completed high school. Xit fest was initiated back in 2017 December. The events main aim was to give students the ability to express themselves through entertainment and gaming. This year’s edition is no different. The only difference is there will be maard fun.


A number of activities will be lined up for the fun filled day. Some will include play station tournaments, glam cam photo booths, music and lots of dancing. A line up of Djs will be in the event to cater for thirsty music needs. An array of artists will also grace the stage to cater for the crowd that will attend the event. Want to know who will perform? This is a secret to be revealed for all those who plan on attending ,so you do not want to miss the event.

The event will be hosted at Lavington Secondary School. Ticket charges will be 500 bob so do not let anyone rip you off with any other amount unless stated otherwise by The Insyder team.

Xit Fest has been organized by The Insyder and sponsored by Blaze. This will be the best experience you have ever gotten in your life so plan to attend and be sure to enjoy.

Xit Fest, an experience like you have never seen before.