Think speed, think power and think elegance and now…think QUAD BIKE.  All these are what Ferrari and BMW have put together to create the Wazuma V8F quad bike already nicknamed the “Quad From Hell”. This one-of-a-kind motorcycle is simply a master piece, a road monster with just enough power to match the World’s most dangerous and powerful road vehicles.

Weighing at only 650kgs, the Wazuma V8F boasts of a top speed of between 322 km/hr to 350 km/hr which is higher than that of most ordinary cars and can generate up to 250 horsepower.
The World's Most Expensive Quad - Lazareth Wazuma V8F - Bike RiderBMW adds a touch of class to this already deadly motorcycle with their six-speed M3 sequential gearbox located and operated from the quad’s handle bars; contrary to other motorcycles’ gearbox design.

With such speed and power, the Wazuma V8F is fitted with modified MOMO (power) rims just to keep the machine stable on the road and has 12.7 inch brake disks on all wheels to ensure a fast and effective breaking system. The motorcycle rides on enormous, slick wheels and has a W-shape body design with the front tires wider apart than the rear tires. This road monster stocks 3.0 litters in its Ferrari V8 engine sitting right in between the front wheels. The bike is created by French tuner Lazareth Wazuma and is based on the Wazuma R1, its predecessor with a similar design but with a Yamaha R1 engine.


The Wazuma V8F quad bike is an amazing luxurious motorcycle but before you rush to get this bike on your shopping list you should know it’s the world’s most expensive quad bike and retails at around $250,000. You also cannot just cruise on this bike in any part of the world as it’s already said to be illegal in France and is also not road legal in some other countries around the world.


By Kevin Kibera