World Cup Abs
As the World Cup draws ever closer, another aspect of the game is beginning to rear its head… or should we say, stomach. With intensive training regimes that the world’s finest football players go through on a daily basis, it is no surprise that ab-show offs are becoming the in thing. Take for instance Cristiano Ronaldo’s brazen display of his abs during the Champions League final; CR7’s goal wasn’t so important as Real Madrid had already wrapped up the game, but from his celebration you would’ve thought he just scored the winning goal. Anyway, from the way players are quick to display their abs, it looks like this is going to be a World Cup the honiez will not be complaining about.

So, which one of the following players do you think should win the World Cup of Abs?

1. Balotteli – Italy

2. Ronaldo – Portugal

3. Drogba – Ivory Coast

4. Shevchenko – Ukraine (yes, we know Ukraine isn’t in Brazil, but the ladies don’t care)