Young Thug just doesn’t care anymore; well it’s not like he’s ever cared before, but he’s crossing new lines by engaging in a beef with a former Blood gang member and then involving his daughter in the beef.

The Game and Young Thug have been beefing since early last year, and the pattern has always been the same; Young Thug takes jibes at The Game for severally switching up between rival gangs Bloods and Crips thus highlighting his disloyalty, and The Game takes shots at Young Thug for the same reason everyone takes shots at Young Thug: his alleged ‘being in the closet’, if you catch my drift.

However, Young Thug escalated the beef today by posting a picture of Game’s daughter onto his Instagram, as shown below:


The Game, real name Jayceon Taylor, is yet to respond to his newest stunt but the whole of Twitter really believes that this may be his most dangerous stunt yet. This may all be in promotion of his upcoming album ‘Slime Season 3’ which was slated to be released today, but this latest promotional stunt may very well put his and his family’s lives at risk. The Game may not personally retaliate but Blood gang members don’t joke around; they could pull up on Thugger when he least expects it. In an even less dangerous move, The Game (who has been determined to be temperamental) may just go to the studio and end Young Thug’s career. Who knows what could happen.


But oh well; maybe I’m just tripping. Do you think this stunt is Thugger’s most dangerous one yet?


Dougie Langat