Grace Gealey Trai Bryers

Yes guys, it’s true! Grace Gealey and Trai Bryers, who are costars in the hit series Empire, are actually dating.

This news is bound to come as a pleasant surprise to all fans of Empire; all 17 million of them who have made it the hottest show of 2015, (not counting those watching it illegally).

US magazine reports that ‘Anika and Andre’ have hit it off since the show began filming, and everyone else noticed it too; actually, they were all pretty psyched about it and pleased to hear it.

Except Luscious of course; not while he’s alive at least. And I bet Cookie was lurking in the background like

cookie rose

All jokes aside, it seems like a beautiful match; they have been dating for months and they appear to be totally in love.

Any thoughts? Are you pleased to hear this or were you rooting for Cookie and Luscious like the rest of the world?