Name: Thika High School

Location: Kiambu

Principal: Mr William Mwangi

Best Teacher: Mr Kimani (Mathematics)

Worst Teacher: Shatha (Means ‘mshamba, he is just too annoying) aka Mr Murigi

Most Feared Teacher: Jackie Chan aka Nduati

Most Beautiful Teachers: Nyaus aka Ms Wahome and Size 8 aka Mrs Macharia

Best Subject: Mathematics

School Captain: Joseph Ndirangu (4R)

School Snitches: Brian Njuguna, Wagethomo, Mutchui and Mabrodi aka Elijah Wangari

Panoholic: Allen, Wayne and Brian Kariuki (4R)

Pretenders: Alex Kinyua (4R) and Dan Kiome

Coolest Dude: Mike Macharia (4Y) (this dude just has a social aura around him, plus he is down to earth. He is one hell of a funkieholic)

Best Class: 4R (the most hyped up class and definitely the noisiest (LOL) it has the school captain though)
CHILLSPOT: Limpopo Dorm

Favourite Asset: The IT Lab (the lab is WiFi enabled – no wonder part of the I-Qru almost got left), a smart TV, a fish pond and a basketball court

Best Meal: Rice with beans

Worst Meal: Githeri (on Saturdays)

Genre Of Music: EDM (Wayne Kellian is an EDM freak)

Latest Slang: Cheti (rice) and hoa (tea)

Best Dance Move: Harlem shake

Sister School: Thika High School students are respectable bachelors and therefore love all girl schools

Best Dancers: Immanuel (4R), Mike (4Y), Edu (4G) and Kavini (4P)

Notable Alumni: Paul Muite and Linus Gitahi

Obsessions: Girls and the IT Lab