DatingWe all desire to date someone who would want treat you like a queen, open the door to the car, pull the chair at the restaurant and be more attentive when you are talking. It seems things never go as we planned during this dates ,the fact that you date men who are so full of themselves make the situation bad for the you. This article talks to the dudes. Its a free lesson on dating and what you should not do on a date.

The biggest rule with money and dating is to never let money cause awkwardness. Think of it as a bomb you don’t want to go off.
What impression are you creating in the girls mind that you’re broke and your confidently letting her do all the dirty job.
Dude, ask you shoe for once how hard is it to save up for that special a man and own up.

A lot of women are turned on by the fact their man can afford some expensive joint.At the end of the day someone will go home crying and I know it wouldn’t be the lady. For the day to be a success don’t take her to Villa Rosa Kempinski. Do something fun like go for a picnic at the end of the day it’s the person that matters not the venue.

Over-investing on the first date sends the same kind of signals as telling a woman you just met what an amazing person she is. It makes most women uncomfortable, because she knows she hasn’t earned the value you are placing on her yet. So your affection isn’t about her – its desperation, or a mechanical desire to be with any attractive woman you see. Don’t make it look it’s a booty call, if you want to “get it” never look desperate for pleasure. KEEP CALM AND MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

Don’t make the date feel like an interview be more reserved and make her feel comfortable. Ask questions to relate and not terminate the mood of a good relationship.
Of course, you’ll want to ask some questions – and you should. But questions aren’t the only way to get information. If you tell her something about yourself, she’ll probably reciprocate with the same information. Or use statements or even guesses. Instead of asking her what she studied in college, take a guess. Instead of asking her how she felt on her camping trip, tell her it sounds very fun and peaceful. And so on.

It’s okay to disagree with her. In fact, it’s good to do so a couple times, to show her that you’re your own man and not hung up on someone’s approval. But this is best done over subjective topics, where there is no right answer. She says he likes oranges; I say oranges are disgusting and apples are the bomb. And keep it playful.Don’t argue facts ,like central park is a chill spot for teenagers don’t start being professor whoever and make it a symposium .keep calm and let it go.


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