While peeps on social media keep complaining about how the boy child is suffering, across the sea in cousin Obama land, a 7 year old boy is grinding on YouTube and making more than some corrupt government officials can steal.

Meet Ryan, a 84 month old boy who just like doing what other kids his age love to mess around with; toys. Only difference is; he’s getting mad loot while doing it!

Ryan, of Ryan ToysReview, beat his closest competition Jake Paul by $500,000, Forbes estimates. 
The seven-year-old first-grader, who loves Lego, trains and cars, has more than 17m subscribers on YouTube, where he reviews and plays with toys. 
Since starting his channel, Ryan has received nearly 26 billion views – with his most popular video, a review of an inflatable water slide complete with huge eggs encasing surprise toys, receiving more than 1.6 billion views.

A video uploaded by Ryan, or his parents, one day ago has already received more than 1m views, while one posted just 22 hours ago has already been viewed nearly 402,000 times. 
And in the last year, his earnings have doubled – proving that his earnest toy reviews are worth millions.

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