In this era, looking like a celebrity makes you a celebrity already. A while back we brought you Amber Lulu, Tanzanian socialite who’s also a video vixen. The lass looks exactly like Amber Rose. She has the ass, and her hairstyle also which makes her Bongo’s Amber Rose. She is now an artiste, with a couple of songs.

Amber Lulu
Amber Rose

Jygga Lo is another guy that is currently the talk of the town. He wasn’t born today, neither did he undergo plastic surgery, no. The guy was born looking like Jay Z and he even didn’t know who Jay Z was. He would walk around and people go, “Hey Jay Z! Jay Z!” but were appalled when he spoke fluent Swahili. That’s when he began getting interested to know who this Jay Z was.

He now has since worked on his style and swag, such that he has even become an artiste, with Jay Z’s voice and already has songs. His latest song is Dar es Salaam, a parody of Empire State Of Mind. He has showed his rap prowess, with his Jay Z voice coming out clearly that makes you think it’s Jay Z rapping in Swahili! Watch the song below;