happy life2Striving for perfection might seem like a good idea, but it actually has many drawbacks. Everyone likes to try their best, but if you are looking for perfection, then you could be making your life a lot more difficult than it needs to be and it is probably affecting your happiness. If you are a perfectionist, then read these 10 reasons why you just don’t need to try to be perfect.

1. You will become more creative

When you are starting out on a new project, striving for perfection can get in the way of the very creativity that you might need. Perfection is such a cold and harsh concept that it can strangle the creativity that is inside you and stop you from reaching your true potential.

2. You will gain more satisfaction from what you do

A perfectionist is rarely ever completely satisfied with what they do. This means that they feel that nothing is ever good enough, so they will often be late in getting things done and they will always have a feeling of failure within them.

3. You will procrastinate less

Stop thinking about how you can make something perfect and get on with it! A perfectionist will find it hard to make decisions, because they will look for the perfect solution, that does not exist and then, they will end up making no decision at all.

4. You will become more optimistic

Stop constantly seeking perfection and you will learn to have more faith in yourself and to take a more optimistic outlook on life, in general. For a perfectionist, nothing will ever be good enough and, therefore, they believe that nothing will ever turn out right, and we all know that is not true.

5. You’ll have more fun

If you don’t stop being a perfectionist, you will stress yourself out trying to attain the unattainable. Getting things wrong, is all a part of the fun of life, so stop worrying about everything being perfect and get on with living life instead.

6. Your best is good enough

Get over your perfectionist traits and you will start to realise that what really matters is that you do your best. You can be satisfied with yourself that you completed the task, to best of your ability, at the time that you had to do it, and that is good enough.

7. You will have more time to yourself

Apart from anything else, perfectionism is a time consuming business! Stop searching for that elusive perfection and you will have more time available to enjoy yourself. You will no longer be constantly wasting your time trying to make everything just that little bit better, you will be able to put a job to bed and get on with enjoying yourself.

8. You’ll friends will like you more

Being around a perfectionist is not a lot of fun, because they are so picky! Everything has to be just so, and a perfectionist takes everything so seriously. Kick your perfectionist habit and you will be a much more fun person to be around.

9. You will gain a more balanced life

Trying to be perfect will make you focus too much of your time on the wrong things. While you’re locked away in a room trying to get something perfect, your family is missing you. Stop trying to be perfect and focus instead on the important things in life and everyone will be grateful.

10. Perfection is not achievable anyway

Quite apart from all the other reasons that we have given you for not trying to be perfect, the biggest of them all is that you will never be able to achieve perfection. None of us are perfect and nor will we ever be. Trying to achieve the unachievable will only make you become frustrated and angry at yourself, so stop it today and start to have some fun.

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