Elani-Baby-710x473#THROWBACKTHURSDAY, the culture where we post our “back in the day” photos and show the world how shabby we were before life took a hold of us. Salute to those who brought about the culture of naming days the days according to its trend #MCM#WCW#TBT. They say pictures speak a thousand word and indeed they do.
Posting pictures of our high school memories of us when we were young and restless. Just a click away then followers will be flooding with comments and likes on your wall.
Ever wonder how your favorite celebrities looked like before they got to famous. Well you be utterly surprised how looks can be deceiving. It takes a lot more than money to make someone look great, good health and cosmetics add up to their super gorgeous looks.

Let’s took a good look at our hippest group in town.ELANI,they currently are trending in the music industry bringing out the best music. They keep us amazed with every song they release. How they bring out their music to the public its magic. All their songs will never get boring. They keep playing in food joints, clubs and even events.

Aside with their music, initially Elani were four in their gig but due to unknown reasons they are three. If you saw their #tbt photo, you would mistake them for some random guys you pass in the streets of Nairobi. The magic of fashion and cosmetics work on any person but particularly Elani did get to upgrade themselves in a mind blowing way. They upgraded to a better level, other than music their lifestyle has taken a great turn.

People have really taken this throw back Thursday to an extend of even posting photos of celebrities and actually commenting nasty stuff about them. I guess the joke just went too far for some of us. We are trying to embrace a photogenic culture not a revenge scene on the internet. Unlucky you if you are arrested to be the source of this terrible action. It will be major throw back when you remember it later in life. For sure will have memories of how shabby we were back in school and cute when we were small kids.

By Janiana Wangari

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