Rising star Timmy Tdat is nursing some serious injuries today, and not from a nasty hangover.

Timmy has accused Kisii businessman Dan Rugena of assaulting him at 1824 and taking his girlfriend Kush Tracey.

‘I had just made some good money that I had gotten from performing at some gig in town and we decided to go ball at 1824,

We were having fun when Dan and his goons, who included the bouncers of the club, started assaulting me. They thoroughly clobbered and beat me up to the point that I lost consciousness. I do not remember how I got home but Kush was nowhere to be seen. I have been trying to find her and I am not sure where she is.

Timmy believes that Dan wants Kush and thus attacked him to get to her on Saturday night.

We’ll keep you posted as the story unfolds

Source: The Standard Newspaper