It reaches a point in every girls’ life to want a change in your wardrobe from a simple usual look to a stunning outfit. Starting this fashion journey can be overwhelming especially when you don’t have an idea of the colors, patterns, or pieces that suits you best. Developing your style takes time and patient especially when you are trying to tackle your school life as well. Luckily, the following tips will help you develop your fashion style with ease.

  1. Be Observant

The first step of creating your fashion sense is paying attention to details. Use your free time to check out fashion bloggers on social media. To avoid being mixed up with every style you pick along the way, have a handful of people to get fashion inspirations from.

  1. Be A Copycat

Yes, you heard it right. When it comes to fashion, you can never luck ideas to do some copy-paste techniques. As the saying goes: fake it till you make it. Try out what your fashion bloggers are doing and find what will work for you. However, don’t go copying and replicating everything your neighbors or schoolmates owns.

  1. Identify Your Favourite Pieces

Don’t get caught up in being a copycat that you forget your taste of fashion. Go through your wardrobe noting down your Sunday best outfits. Be attentive to the kind of pattern and the major colors in your wardrobe. Once you have a clear picture of the kind of pieces you are comfortable with, upgrading your style will be a lot easier.


  1. Don’t Go Crazy

After successfully passing all the steps above, you’d figure that the next move is bringing that fashion idea to life but you are wrong. Here is where your fashion will need to lay low for a while. You don’t necessarily have to purchase the outfits right away. Give yourself some time to save up some cash, be sure about the outfits, and keeping safe especially at this time of the year where social distancing is off the charts.