black-womans-lipsThe myth that guys are the ones fond of being cheaters in relationships is no longer true. The generation is undergoing massive changes and the tables seem to be turning. Even the ladies are faced with this issue of feeling as though the grass is greener on the other side. So what do you do when you start feeling like this?

Avoid being idle.

An idle mind is the devils workshop. When you have nothing better to do, that’s when your mind starts playing tricks on you telling you that it is OK to cheat on your dude. Try occupying yourselves by work or other activities that will keep your head away from thinking about the other guy..

Try talking to your partner.

The cheating instincts always come when there is a problem in the relationship. Communication is a key principle in any relationship. It is therefore very important that you open up to your partner on how you really feel. It might be a case of monotony in the relationship. There is the need to break the same old routine. Talk to him or her. It might be the first step that will keep you away from spoiling the awesome relationship that probably took you long to build.

Shun off the other party.

When you feel as though the other guy/girl is coming really strong on you, probably they are not even hiding how they feel about you. They are giving you signals that they want to play around with you. It is best if you do not entertain such behavior. Approach them and make it clear to them that you are in a serious relationship and that he/she should start looking in another direction since you are not interested.

All in all it is important to realize that cheating is like going for 20% whereas you have invested 80% in your relationship. No relationship is perfect but by going as a team and avoiding such distractions you will eventually grow and get to that 98% that you thought you’ll never get to.

By Louisa Nungari

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