The top actress of top Kenyan shows such as Tahidi High and Kenya’s now trending soap Sumu La Penzi, posted a photo on IG with a gun to her head and the caption, “Am done!”.NAOMI SUICIDE

Her fans were left baffled wondering whether she was actually contemplating suicide and why.NGANGA

Naomi Nganga aka Neomi, aside from being an actress, she was the former presenter of One FM and currently a fashion blogger for plus size models. So why would the plus size beauty want to end her successful life too soon?NAOMI NGANGANAOMInaomi MODEL

As it turned out Neomi explained that the photo was just a scene from the soap opera Sumu La Penzi, phew!. If this was April fools then she would have definitely scooped an award for this stunt.

By : Joan Rangara