Fashion in Kenya is on a great revolution.Everybody is getting all snappy on social media with the latest fashion trends.These are the days we shop clothes online and gone are the baggy and belly bottom days.If your not in fitting clothes,you are definitely living under a rock.Who wears baggy clothes anyway?This is the year of slay and our very own fashion bloggers are helping us slay our fashion game.


Franklin Saiyalel

This guy is the juice in male fashion.He blogs to educate the guys how to blend their fashion cuisines to look outstanding.He tries to renovate and find the niche in the male fashion.When it comes to fashion struggles and solving for x in fashion,Frankie has the solution.

Ian Musili

Ladies,isn’t he cute?Well, Musili apart from being the peanut butter in most girls breads,he also knows his way around fashion.He tries to prove that you do not need a huge chunk of dooh to look classy and stylish.He  normally shops at Gikomba, believe it or not and adds details to his clothes to look dowpey .He is the average spender but with high fashion I.T.For all of you who drool for him,he is taken.

Muriuki Kagiri

The two time winner of Mimi Fashion Blog awards,has hit the Kenyan fashion scene by the storm.He has evolved fashion in a big way that nowadays if you do not know how to do your bow tie,you can simply strip it round your neck and look stylish.He is the big thing in Kenyan fashion and really has his crowd growing fast.He is the real deal in the Kenyan fashion


Nancie Mwai

She is good up,down and spiral in fashion.Nancie has modified her blog to a vlog now on You Tube.She has won twice the BAKE bloggers award  (Bloggers Association of Kenya),in 2012 and 2013.She has created a fashion legacy locally and internationally.This jewel  rarely misses the media’s eye with her breathe taking looks.

Lucia Musau

This chocolate babe is everything right in fashion.She makes fashion ABC,I mean its Musau:you would not expect less.She was the fashion victor for BAKE 2016.She blogs about fashion and lifestyle.Her fashion prowess is exceptional and never ceases to amaze.

Sharon Mundia(this is ess)

She is nothing but a fashion darling.She awes us with her ever stunning looks.She was BAKE’S winner 2014.She has her numbers growing on her social media platform.Apart from blogging,she writes for Lifestyle magazine.

Kenya’s fashion revolution is definitely on a roll.