One of the most trending videos last week was that of a English-Swahili translator who was giving false information. The translator, who was listening to a white tourist and translate her words to Swahili actually was saying his own words, bashing his countrymen without the knowledge of the tourist.

The tourist had visited NCAA of Ngorongoro and was expressing her admiration at Tanzanians but the tour guide skewed it all.

“My visit to Tanzania has been beautiful, gorgeous. The people are fabulously wonderful and friendly, greetings are always ‘Jambo’, happy to be here…” she began, but the translator said “Anasema watanzania mnalia sana njaa. Kila siku mnalia njaa, wakati mna maua nyumbani si mchemshe maua mnywe. Anasema si vizuri kulia njaa”.

Tanzania’s Minister of Tourism Jumanne Maghembe has since issued a warrant of arrest and said the lad was arrested at the Gate of Serengeti Game Reserve.