Friendships are important everywhere and they have positive things to contribute to all areas of your life. But that means they can also be toxic in any of these areas as well. Toxic friends are a lot like ticks; they get under your skin and inject you with their poison. Their manipulations and lies take up residence in the back of your mind, repeating all the nasty things they say to you.

Toxic_CoverSadly, it’s all too easy to let them influence us and convince us that we’re ugly, stupid and worthless. By being friends with them, we’ve given them a high level of authority and influence in our lives. It’s incredibly easy to start buying into their manipulations because we (mistakenly) trust them. If your friend tells you something, especially if they tell you over and over again then it must be true, right?

Toxic friends come in all shapes and sizes and by this I mean it’s not easy to tell but, the hardest thing about a toxic friendship is how it creeps up on you unawares. Although you may be laboring under incredible negativity and feeling awful around your friend, it can take a while to fully understand that this negativity is being caused by your friendship.

Toxic_by_MacGreenapresIs he or she negative to the point of being insulting? Are they insulting? , Are they jealous? Do they push you to do things you are not comfortable with?, Are they manipulative? These are straight up points that you need to run away from that friendship because it’s definitely toxic, it will surely do you no good.

Toxic friendships can destroy you, so we need to choose the people we hang around with well especially since friends are harder to break up with.

By Jacky