A vector illustration of Traffic on a highway

Aki hii Nairobi ina magari nyiiingi!

I left the house just in time to get to work on time.

Then the matatu I boarded ‘Tripple(S) Services(Kiambu Road) came to a halt barely 500 meters from the stage…in my head I’m like ..aahh it’s just the usual ka-small jam at Ridgeways Mall.We pass the mall with no change in traffic.

Still the usual constant braking that jolts our bodies forward due to the force.

I see guys on nduthis riding past the buses and personal cars.

“Aki ata afadhali nipigwe na baridi kwa nduthi”

A few seconds later… buses are overtaking.. bus one..bus two..bus three..  hadi lorry!!

By this time I feel like tugging the shoulder of the driver and telling him to do the same!

Banar nitafukuzwa kazi boss.

Thika Road was even worse.I turned down the music playing on my phone to look around and figure out why we were moving on the same 100 meters stretch for the past half an hour.

So … this must be the work of the traffic police, I CONCLUDE.

I get to Ngara a whole 2hrs later.

I decide to take the Killeton Sacco from Ngara instead of Odeon.

I don’t know if this was the worst decision i’ve ever made in my life.I wait, and wait……..aaannnnndd waaaiiiit … and no ..the KILLETON SACCO MATATU HADN’T ARRIVED YET.

I just stood there frowning at the direction where the matatu is to emerge from,as if they will actually see my disgusted face.

By this time njaa ilikuwa inanisakama.

So like a normal Kenyan I go get a smokie pasua (which is an addiction to me! lol:)

“Niekee bila chilli,“I tell the vendor.

I stand there thinking of what I should do next.

Conductors from the Star Bus which head to Westlands of course do their best to pull customers from the Kileleshwa queue telling us that Killeton will take so long to arrive.

Some of us succumb and reluctantly walk towards the buses while looking behind hoping to see the long awaited matatu.

I decide to be among the few patient Kenyans.A trait that is very very very rare amongst us.

Glory be to God!

The OLD matatu cruises quickly towards the stage.

Everyone is busy moving towards it.

I even forgot that I was supposed to be angry.

Lemme tell you the struggle!!

I was the only yungin over there.

Anyone who has ever experienced the push and pull that happens when there is a scarcity of matatus knows what i’m talking about.

Hapa sasa is where we prove our fujo…ata si skill. Nothing like skill here.

Unaeka mguu moja ndani ..you hold onto the seat and you pull your body with the magnitude of an earthquake.

Trust me it is not as automatic as it sounds.

The battle of the wananchi has been won.

Outside, I hear the woman that didn’t get a seat saying,“Aki mimi siezi ngojea hapa tena

The journey to Kileleshwa is smooth.

When we reach Chiromo road,that’s when my questions are answered.

So .. I have spent 300033 Hours on the road because….

The famous exquisite VILLA ROSSA KEMPINSKY has very many cars outside it.Not the usual ones.

The V8 Land Cruiser, the new Toyota Prado, Range Rovers were in plenty.

Si tulikula kwa macho tu! From our old battered matatu, haha.

Jeshi guys with guns everywhere.

I realized then that there was no inflow of cars into town.

But why?

The Prime Minister of Israel,Benjamin Netanyahu, is in Kenya.

Well ….what can I say.

Welcome Mheshimiwa.

The roads are temporarily closed.

Kenyans….. tung’ang’ane till further notice.

Thank God I wasn’t heading to Westie!

So in conclusion, for once it wasn’t the traffic police causing traffic nor the Killeton Sacco delaying. 🙂

And I didn’t get to work on time … but ..it was excusable.

Don’t I have the best employer!

Till next time y’all

-Vanessa Wambui